HackWeek @XING

Ever wish to be an inventor? If you’re at XING, you can!

At XING, we want to give employees the freedom to develop ideas without any limitations and explore new territories and technologies. That’s why we established a quarterly Hackweek where developers, product managers and UX lay down their daily work for five days in order to put their skills up for creative projects.

Hackweek at XING takes places across departments and locations – everybody of the tech teams can develop an idea and coordinate with others that might want to join the project.

Some of the results of former Hackweeks are related to existing products, others are only used internally and some are just thought to tinker with. Previous

The countdown is on: HackWeek #3 starts on Monday

Food and drinks are ordered and further preparations of the third hackweek just entered the „hot phase“. We are really looking forward to Monday when hackweek officially starts. There are already some exciting project ideas registered on https://innovation.xing.hh/projects. If you have some further ideas, you can add them and recruit some colleagues to join them. Or you can just pick your favourite project you’d like to participate in and get in touch with the other team members in advance.

Project Fair @HackWeek

The Project Fair is the first step for you as a “project innovator”. Here you can not only recruit people but also gather some feedback that helps you understand better what you plan to do. It has been tradition at XING for a long time and we are keeping it at HackWeek!

Three easy steps to present your project at Project Fair:

1) Create a poster with your project


2) Show your idea to other colleagues (and recruit them if possible) to gather some feedback

3) Have fun!

The XING techpark

Participating in the hackweek is not restricted to coding only – everyone can realize his ideas of improving workflows or just build amazing tools to make the work life more easy.
To support the engineers during their daily work and especially for the hackweeks XING offers some nice toys to play with – and if you need something new or special you can place your order and XING takes care of it.

A short overview of the XING techpark:

Ultimaker 2 3D-Printer

The Ultimaker 3D-Printer enables you to think up and create real things and bring them to life.
The Ultimaker 3D-Printer has a maximum printable area of 223x223x203 mm