Sketchnotes – or how to make HackWeek #3 visible

I’ll do this introduction the hackneyed way: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” (That said I’m already almost done with my article. That was easy!) – So what was my last hackweek about? I’ve learned to do sketchnotes. Which is in the first place a way to memorize talks and meetings better, by less writing and more drawing your notes.

If you’ve ever been to any conference, you know what usually happens: there are many interesting talks and you try to listen and you write your notes and one week later you can’t remember what those interesting talks were all about and you cannot read your notes anymore (too boring, bad handwriting etc.). – Do you recognize that? The

First day – HackWeek #3

It was a great first day of the third HackWeek with new project ideas and lots of information about coffee. After everybody has ended breakfast, “real” work could start. Some of the colleagues could also work as artists if they like to change their profession some time: they created great creative posters for the Project Fair by drawing their idea with pen and paper. Many innovators could convince others to join their projects. After a healthy lunch with a variety of six different soups, Open Space offered the possibility to learn something about new topics. As learning and thinking drained the energy, an extra dose of caffeine was needed: Time for the tasty coffee workshop. Two guys from

The countdown is on: HackWeek #3 starts on Monday

Food and drinks are ordered and further preparations of the third hackweek just entered the „hot phase“. We are really looking forward to Monday when hackweek officially starts. There are already some exciting project ideas registered on https://innovation.xing.hh/projects. If you have some further ideas, you can add them and recruit some colleagues to join them. Or you can just pick your favourite project you’d like to participate in and get in touch with the other team members in advance.